S. Ambrogio vineyards

We have learned how fundamental/crucial it is to protect with all our strength what we have inherited from the past generations, and  leave it intact for the next generations. The first vineyard owned by the Balan family was the same one that today surrounds the winery and is the cradle of the Grion red wines: the winery is surrounded by about 7 hectares of land, 3 of which are vineyards. The products that come from these vineyards are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Vecchio Grion, a blend of the first two with a minimal addition of Cabernet Franc grapes. All wines are fermented in cement barrels and aged in barriques (6 months for Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon and 18 months for Vecchio Grion). Safeguarding  the original characteristics of the vineyards and terroirs is the cornerstone of the company. This is done through sustainable work which preserves the biodiversity and uniqueness of the agricultural unit. Since 2019, the Trebaseleghe vineyards have obtained the SQNPI certification, which guarantees compliance with certain fundamental, binding phytosanitary indications including agronomic and phytosanitary practices that respect the environment, such as limitations on the choice of phytosanitary products and the number of treatments in the vineyard.

Combai, Campea and Miane vineyards

In 2018 the company acquired five hectares divided into three plots, two in Combai and one in Campea, in the heart of the Valdobbiadene DOCG. The plots have different geological structures: the Combai vineyards have outcropping stones, while the Campea vineyards’ soil is  characterised by a greater presence of clay. All prosecco and sparkling wines come from the vineyards of Campea and Combai. The genetic heritage of the vines is important: the farm’s vineyards are made up of plants that are on average 70 years old; some of them are even over 100 years old and are the oldest in the entire denomination. The steep slopes (50 degrees), the location of the vineyard, the high altitude (about 500 metres above sea level), the vine system that develops on ledges and  terraces  are all characteristics that prevent tractors from reaching the vineyard and make manual work necessary in all phases. One of the Combai vineyards is the highest in the entire DOCG. This is why we speak of heroic viticulture, a type of agriculture practised on particularly impervious terrains, in extreme working conditions.

Caneva vineyards

Our white wines, Cabernet Franc and most of our products originate in Caneva. A recent network agreement, the result of decades of relationships, collaborations and friendships, allows us to harvest the grapes on two properties, for a total of over 70 hectares, most of them in the hills, in a very rare geological location , where two mountains meet. Within the properties there are vineyards with different characteristics, to which we have destined different types of grapes, to try to enhance the uniqueness of the individual plots.