Prosecco & Superiore

A wine, a region, a word that brings people together and divides opinions, that binds different cultures and separates the hedonists, which blends landscape, vineyards and art into a sometimes opposing framework.

Balan , a Family history

Balan is a key player in the italian wine market


Our journey begins with a few geographical coordinates, for us to better navigate within the area where Prosecco is produced. The map uses different colours to delimit different areas: the historical Conegliano Valdobbiadene area, together with the smaller Asolani hills one, is the cradle of controlled and guaranteed origin Prosecco; the larger area including Friuli Venezia Giulia and some Veneto provinces is where controlled origin Prosecco is produced. The adjacent diagram shows how and to what extent Prosecco has conquered the global market, as well as the main export destinations.


The grapevine

The grapevine is an ancient plant. Fossil traces testify the existence of this vegetable species in the Cretaceous period, which is about 140 million years ago. When did man domesticate grapevine and discover that wine could be made out of it?


The first document attesting the existence of Glera in the Veneto area dates back to 1754, when Aureliano Acanti spoke about its presence on the Berici hills. 1772 saw Francesco Maria Malvolti glorify the features of this grape, which was produced in a local area, in a note of the Agriculture Academy of Conegliano