The essences of wine


Prosecco wine owes its pleasant aromas to a group of substances found in the skin of the grape. The number of these substances is extremely high (hundreds) and is genetically determined, but the climactic conditions of the vineyard, the amount of water in the soil, the number of grape
bunches per vine, their exposure to the sun, their health and level of ripening, are all factors which affect their biosynthesis. This numeric variability confirms the aromatic differences of wines based on the land, to which you must add the skill of the wine grower to manage the productive expression of his vineyard.


LEMON: This aroma is found in wines made with grapes that are grown on low hills or on flatlands that have wide atmospheric temperature ranges or a cool terrain.

PEAR: This aroma is typical of Prosecco wine and is more evident in grapes that are fully ripe and from warm flatlands.

SPICED MEDITERRANEAN: On the slopes that are less exposed, during years that are not as warm and when harvesting is anticipated, these spiced hints lay in the background of the pleasant bouquet of Prosecco.

LIME: This aroma gives warmth and complexity to the wine found in vineyards and areas that are less productive.

BISCUIT: This aroma complexes the scents in wines that come from steep slopes or long and controlled fermentation.

CAMOMILE: Aromatic fragrance which is delicately sweet, found in wines that come from grapes that are very ripe or grown on poor or meagre soils.

BANANA: This aroma is found with great intensity in wine harvested in very warm years or in wines from hillsides that are better exposed to sunlight or from gravelly highlands.

CEDAR AND CITRON: In addition to other hints of citrus, it is typical of those wines called “Asolo Prosecco Superiore”.

ACACIA: A very particular aroma, very delicate, it is found mainly in very ripe grapes.

GREEN APPLE: This is typically used to describe Prosecco wine and all three the denominations. In areas that are warmer or during sunnier years, you will also find hints of ripe apple.