Balan started as a winery in 1962. The founder, Sergio Balan, turned thus to profit the experience. He had acquired working with his father Giuseppe and his grandfather: they were all farmers, with a strong inclination for winemaking.




The headquarters were built in 1966 in Trebaseleghe, not so far away from Venice, and they have later been expanded up to an area of 3.200, surrounded by 5ha of vineyards. Today Fabio and Daniele run the company themselves.


at the end of '80


While maintaining the traditional winemaking activities and constantly improving both from a quantitative and qualitative point of view, Balan started distributing some prestigious wines and spirits.




Today Balan offers a portfolio of 2000 wines, with some of the most prestigious wines in the world. The hard work of four generations, a perpetual effort towards innovation, synergies between production and distribution, several deals with great producers and, most of all, an inexhaustible passion for wines made Balan one of the main players in the Italian wine market.



More than 1.500.000 bottles
produced per year.

Very classic wines.
Prosecco, cabernet,
sauvignon, moscato.

Balan is a key player
in the italian wine market,
with its 360° experience.

Agrowth of… value.

Balan is a solid and fast growing family firm. All along its development, Balan has remained a family business, never betraying the values on which it was founded. Honesty is for us a non-negotiable value. It’s the standard we use to measure all our  decisions. We think of human relationships as a truly strategic factor. The best assurance for the future of our business lies, in our opinion, in taking care of the satisfaction of our partners. The quality of products is another ex tremely important value in our company, with respect to both the wines that we produce and those that we distribute.

At the origin of any remarkable wine there are the personality and the project of a human being: it’s that personality and that message that we endeavour to discover and communicate. We keep on studying the market and its evolution so as to be able to provide our customers with products and services that maximize their satisfaction. All those who work with us must be professionals. In the wine business, for instance, a truly professional sales force does make the difference.